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About us

Conceived as a capacitation forum for faculty and students in the area of Medicinal Chemistry, the Medicinal Pharmaceutical Chemistry Summer School (EVQFM) has contributed since its first edition in 1995, to the abilitation of professionals of the Pharmaceuticals & Medicines sector.


The XXV EVQFM in january 2019 marked the 25th anniversary of the Summer School, which has been uninterruptedly held since 1995. In a festive atmosphere, tribute was paid to Professor Eliezer Barreiro, until then general-coordinator, and the one responsible for having given the name Medicinal Pharmaceutical Chemistry Summer School, making his contributions to the formation of Medicinal Chemists in Brazil perennial.


The Medicinal Pharmaceutical Chemistry Summer School Professor Eliezer Barreiro  offers conferences and minicourses on the main topics related to Medicinal Pharmaceutical Chemistry and its application in the process of development of new pharmaceuticals.


Target audience

This event is directed to undergraduate and graduate students, doctors, faculty and professionals interested in the discussed themes, both from Brazil and abroad. 


Prof. Eliezer J. Barreiro, Ph.D

Prof. Carlos Alberto Manssour Fraga, Ph.D

Prof. Lídia Moreira Lima, Ph.D

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About us

The Practical Course on Pharmacology offers practical classes on a myriad of topics regarding pharmacology to undergraduates from private and public institutions throughout the country.


The course consists of 12 practical units, each offered by one research lab.


Each unit is composed of a small theoretical class to provide them with the necessary information to the following half of the unit: the practical part.


The practical classes are generally held at each of the teacher’s working labs.


At the end of each day, the results of the students’ lab work are discussed by graduate students and the teacher who manages that lab - the one in which the course is held on that day. 


The classes are taught by the Graduate Program students at the Institute of Biomedical Sciences, at UFRJ, always under close supervision and tutoring of the Program’s faculty.

Target Audience

The event is targeted to undergraduates from private and public institutions throughout the country, mainly for students from universities lacking quality scientific research.


Prof. Patricia Dias Fernandes, Ph.D

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